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Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

We can offer strategic solutions for the optimization of your website redesigning the navigation paths, the internal logic and hierarchy of content alongside Keywords ads campaigns effective and measurable.


In terms of your advertising and marketing budget, SEM and Social Media campaigns are one of the most economical and effective approaches.

Content Campaigns, Remarketing, Feed creations


The Display Network is made up of a number of websites that collaborate with Google and Facebook (display partners), YouTube, and specific Google properties that display AdWords ads.

  • ​GDN Campaigns (Banner / Video)

  • Mobile / Remarketing

  • Feed Creation


  • ​Reasearch Appropiate Digital Strategies

  • Manage Agreed PPC Monthly Budget

  • Analysis and Intelligence (GA)

  • Review Competitors 

  • Identify Profitable KWs 

  • Calculate Returno on Investiment (ROI)

Management, Analysis, Strategy & Intelligence