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About Us


WGM Digital is a new and innovative independent Consulting Agency that drives digital performance for many brands.

Our ​ team consist of people with more than ten years of international experience in digital marketing in different part of the world from New Zealand to London, Italy, Poland and much more.

We have a deep knowledge of search engine marketing (SEM) across various channels and have worked with different kinds of clients – from small and medium enterprises to big retailers – in their national and global campaigns. We have developed a strong knowledge in all the areas of marketing as part of one complex strategy; from ATL activities (TV/Radio) to the online activities (PPC/SEO/Affiliates/Email/Social).

We are definitely an open mind team with a great approach to the business and to the clients. We are always happy to bring real results to the clients and share step by step the best approach to find the best online strategy.

Our SEM management techniques ensure that your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign runs like a well-oiled machine and the same for our Social Media campaigns. We will continually optimize your campaigns, keywords and adverts to maximize both the Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Conversion Rates (CR).

We enjoy identifying new business opportunities and developing marketing strategies for our clients.


Our main objective is for you to find new customers and improve visibility through the web and you achieve your commercial goals.